Minsk Design Week: summary
“To inspire and get inspired”. That was probably the best unofficial motto for Minsk Design Week, where YELLOW and HETTA presented their works and conceptual designs. This two-way traffic of inspiration is sure to help us produce more handy things for living and fun. Keep in touch to check the results!
Yellow at Minsk Design Week
If you can appreciate a good candy bar while discussing contemporary interior design achievements and issues, we welcome you with praise to join us at Minsk Design Week. Many other studios besides YELLOW and HETTA will be there, but only we are going to be sweet enough to treat you with chocolate.
Reportage from furniture production
YELLOW Design Studio and a major national furniture portal mebelminsk.by paid a joint visit to HETTA production line. You can find their equally joint impressions here.
Hetta reached the final!
HETTA Co, our daughter unit, became a finalist in the MOVE TOGETHER National Business Project Contest, with their custom-made environment-friendly furniture. Keep it up, the dream team!
SOFFIT Interior: corporate style and web-site
The corporate style design and web-site for SOFFIT Interior Design Studio are ready. You can enjoy it or test it or even snort at it right in the Projects section. Just tell us the truth, have we managed to ensure our traditional unity of fonts and simple but impressive graphic elements?