New logo design
& promotional brochure for Axishouse
Our client

Axishouse Co. started in 2002 as a small producer of window frame parts, and developed into a leading company on the Belarus market which also exports to Russia and Kazakhstan. At that moment the company was getting ready for a major international exhibition.

Task from our client

The company wanted to show their adherence to German-style production philosophy, in particular: - thorough attention to quality details, however small they may be; - business synergy through optimal combination of natural raw materials, advanced technologies, and modern business processes; - application of advanced IT systems and production machines of Weinig Co. (Germany).

Solution we proposed

The coming international exhibition called for updated promotion materials, new both in contents and style. As for the contents, we targeted it to potential customers, showing and describing the new products and emphasising competitive advantages (highest-quality timber, top-notch equipment). As for the style, we made it clean and reserved, with a distinctive industrial flavor, showing equipment and production premises nearly as much as products themselves. We also designed an updated and modernised logo for the company as a bonus. Our design studio made photos for the catalog, and the whole printing process was closely supervised by our specialist.