Visual communications
strategy for Soffit Interiors studio
Our client

Soffit Interiors is a young ambitious company which consults on construction projects, and designs restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices, and living quarters.

Task from our client

Soffit Interiors wanted their corporate style to project their European approach to business, and to do it through the logo, business cards, a printed portfolio, and stationery, in a simple and efficient manner. The main message was creativity, constructive approach, and balance between form and function.

Solution we proposed

We combined formal and informal communication to understand our client better. We started with the logo as a combination of fonts and plain graphic elements, then made it the baseline for other corporate style elements. Our designers closely supervised the whole production of printed matter for Soffit, to ensure harmony with the other aspects. In particular, the site we developed also balances images, shapes, and text. Three dynamic ribbons of pictures immerse the visitor into the company’s history and achievements.